The Ridiculous Stardoll Employee Code

I’m so sick of this stupid little scam, I still can’t believe people are still falling for this trick!

I have already written about two other posts about this and it’s all so very tiring

This one goes into great detail about the video on Youtube:

And this one is about other Hacking/Scamming methods on Stardoll:

And my Prevention Hacking/Scamming Guide:

I would never think to talk about it again as I thought 2 posts on the same subject would be enough until someone posted this as a comment on here

What I find hilarious is this idiotic person posted this comment on my post of the whole entire hack. Who would be stupid enough to do that?

Now people may be thinking “What is the Employee Code?”

In actual fact, there’s no such thing as the employee. Well there’s no such evidence

It would be stupid of Stardoll Administrators to change a users account by putting a small little code in the password box is ridiculous. They control the whole of Stardoll, they don’t need a code of any sort!

It’s amazing how many people fall for the “I am an Employee of Stardoll”. I highly doubt a Stardoll Employee would give out the “code” to the rest of Stardoll, wouldn’t it be against their job? Stardoll want us to spend money on this website, they don’t want to give out free superstar membership and stardollars! So if there was a Stardoll Employee giving out “codes” then they would be probably fired by now. Stardoll can probably track every ones accounts and their transactions, they can probably see this mysterious account that’s gained 4000 starpoints in 1 day and received 1000 stardollars without paying a single penny they would know someone gave out their “code”. If you log into Stardoll and click on My accounts, everything you’ve ever spent is there. Stardoll Administrators can see all this with a click of a button.

You might see snapshots of people’s accounts with $2000000 stardollars but hey I can even do that!

It’s using this edit address, any one can do it. Sadly you cannot save this but people use this edit to make those stupid types of Hacking videos.

Every one is now alert of not giving out their password but Stardoll should also tell users to not change their e-mail address to another person’s because that’s also giving them your password! How can people not see this?

If people think about it, why would a person who is wanting to give you freebies ask to change you e-mail to theirs? E-mails can’t do very much to help that!

These things that hackers are stealing from users accounts were bought by REAL money. Basically this is theft!

I’m just tired of warning everyone about this and also about that stupid Callie.stardoll snapshot I posted a year ago ¬_¬

Do people never read?



New Video Out



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27 responses to “The Ridiculous Stardoll Employee Code

  1. okay i see what your saying there is a employee code but dont no one know it but certain pple i dont no it either i am just saying if they say they know it and say u ur pass in user make a new acount then send them that

  2. Lelly

    Yeah I know but your just going to be disappointed.
    If you have a brand new account, no starpoints, stardollars or superstars the hackers won’t do anything to it.
    There is no such thing, as I said before Stardoll moderate the whole of Stardoll. Why do they need some stupid code to post into their password box to change their account.

    This all just started because of some video, in which I explain how it is fake (in which it is totally obvious this person edited stardoll using the java script code):

    People should just use their common sense

  3. WOW i dont know this is a hack… -.-

  4. Wow with the sarcasism.
    Just because you know it’s fake doesn’t mean other people do as well. You just expect everyone to understand that?
    People online fall for this hack everyday because they think it’s so convincing.
    So stop being selfish and immature because it was a warning for other people who didn’t know any better not for you personally.

  5. Me

    I already knew it’s a hack because I mean, send your email to this random email and superstars only? only idiots will fall for it, so your obviously you right =)

  6. hey how can that be true coz not everone have all that makeover up INFACT i bet u just made the video up

  7. 0_0 huh?
    The video did actually exist, it had over 40,000 views on Youtube but recently it was deleted.
    I would put it up again but i can’t find it.

  8. So You Want the Employee Code Then Just Add This Girl Called —— On Stardoll With your User and Pass And She will Put The Code Into Your Acount.
    She Did It To Mine And Now I Retreved My Hacked Acount and You Also Need A Reson so Oh And You DONT Need to be superstar Because It Is For Good Cause!
    I Am Still Trying To Retreve My Acount ——- And The worst Part.. It Was Superstar And it was Stardoll Royalty 😦
    Im ——- On Stardoll Thanks!

  9. Please take your silly scam somewhere else.
    That Stardoll Royalty user-name does not exist.

  10. I want to b stardoll royalty but i’m not, i hate my stardoll account… the same time i love it!! lol im weird, is there any accounts i can hyave??

  11. Being Stardoll Royalty means nothing really. The club isn’t active and all you get is a Diamond which isn’t really worth anything.

  12. nikita

    I hate my stardoll account and I am unoticed and nobody wants to be my friend! I wanna be a superstar but I am not allowed, so in fact I will never be able to become friends with callie.stardoll and stardoll royalty! I am so upset, please help me, give me advice what do I do?

  13. I don’t see why you should be upset, it’s a virtual game. If you’re getting upset over something so trivial I suggest you leave Stardoll because becomming part of Royalty and being Callie’s friend means nothing at all. Stardoll is a money-making website, they have to make money somehow.

  14. Hello,,
    i really admire you and your blog, your so, ‘keep it real!’ ive became addicted to stardoll some how and like it but your right, stardoll, is in some ways just a money making site, and tbh i think its a bit of a scam :/ x
    Admiring Fan Of Yours
    Lauryn, (foggy4 on stardoll add mee ;]) x

  15. Hii,
    Aw Thanks 🐱 I really appreciate it.

  16. Dear Lel1996,
    Thank you for warning me! I am new to Stardoll and I really needed to know! I admire you(:


  17. cuteallycat211 >stardoll acount

    Hi, I love your blog. I understand that this is a hack but I was just wondering if there was like any real codes that actullay work. I wouldnt use them just in case but Im doing a speech of my choice my my grade 7 project and Im doing it on stardoll so I kinda need to know. 🙂


  18. Nope no codes exist on Stardoll and probably never will. Stardoll staff don’t use codes, they own the site – it would be silly if they did :L.

  19. Nope no codes exist on Stardoll and probably never will. Stardoll staff don’t use codes, they own the site – it would be silly if they did :L. Good luck with your project, although can I ask you a question – why do you need to talk about codes? Are you studying the topic of “cheats” of Stardoll?

  20. Hi lely,
    i wanted to know if you could teach me how to be an employee or somethin i dont follow any scams but i hate my account cause they say somethin like your not a supstar so you cant have SOO MANY THINGS and i hate it its just not fair for all those people who arent superstars and get so little things on star doll…please under stand and get back to me by email [my email: ******]

  21. @Christina

    Sorry but I don’t know where you got the idea that I was an employee – I’m fourteen years old, it is impossible. It’s the way Stardoll works sorry, there isn’t any cheats or tricks. You’ve just to spend time and money into your account – that’s all, there is nothing else. If anybody tells you there is an employee code, don’t believe them – they’re just trying to hack you. It doesn’t exist.

  22. Someone just did it to me and i told them if you don’t pay me back im pressing charges

  23. Iceice20dice

    I know this post was made a while ago but, I’d thought I’d put my good two cents in. I’ll start with hacking, its become so common in stardoll these days and has only gotten worse. The lets trade accounts, I got the employee code, scamming, trading etc. It’s stealing, even though your “only” stealing from someone online over a website thinking it’s no big deal, when it truly is. The person puts money into it and i’m talking actual MONEY, time, effort and well MONEY. but, people don’t care these days as long as it’s not them. We’ve become so obsessed with this whole “elite” idea that people are willing to do anything for it and forgetting the whole idea of the website, which was to have fun. Yes fun, not hacking or seeing who could be the most popular. I’ve had a account before my current one now that had been hacked, I was horrified. I had put well over hundreds of dollars (my mistake) into that account, and it was all put to waste. Because of ones greed. I’m not going to say who because their not worth mentioning or my time. So what I’m saying is that before you go do something that could hurt someone, think. Think what it would feel like if someone did that to you. I’m going to stop here cause I think I’ve said enough, and got what I thought out.

  24. Anonymous

    there is proof that people are stardoll employees because they have a badge. so HA.

  25. I wrote this in 2010. No such thing existed. Read dates please. I don’t understand what the HA was for, it wasn’t necessary at all.

  26. Anonymous

    if you wrote this in 2010 why do you still look at it and bother at all? teh was VERY necessary. that was the whole point.

  27. Because I try and reply to all comments left on this blog. Queries or questions are usually answered with a response.
    If I receive a comment on a post then I am obliged to go and read it – it’s not something I blatantly ignore.