New Miss Sixty Collection. 60 million users. New Starbazar.

I promised everyone that I would be posting soon but let’s just say I was distracted and in no mood for writing up the blog.

First thing I noticed when I logged back into stardoll this week was how the Starbazar has changed:

At first, I thought in this post I would heavily criticise for doing this. It’s bad enough having all the clothes in Starplaza sky rocketing in prices. Usually was only about $7 for one superstar dress and now it’s up to $15-$20! But now I see this will stop scamming and hacking, I’ve seen loads of first collection DKNY up for okay-ish prices on Starbazar, usually I see people bidding for up 1000’s of stardollars. Instead of Stardoll getting $1 from all your Starbazar sales, they now own 10% commission, which is really the only thing I can criticise here. If you sell any piece of clothing for $500, you only get $450- meaning stardoll get your $50 which to be honest is ridiculous! Why should we be charged for selling things in our Starbazar? It should just be a simple transaction between two users.

So far I haven’t found any good bargains at all, since the prices have changed everyone has placed everything to 500 stardollars, and I mean everything . . .

I’ve seen tons of old “rare” clothing now on Starbazar. It’s so weird having so old hotbuys on starbazar, but then you see the price tags people are placing on these things!

Since this has been added I think Stardoll should rise how many stardollars we get when we purchase our codes. $80 is really not enough to get someone through 2 weeks of Superstar at this rate. If things keep on going like this, people will have to buy at least 2-3 codes a month, and then I can really accuse Stardoll how cheating us out of all our money.

New collection of Miss Sixty is out! So far I’ve only bought one item, the rest of the collection aren’t really worth buying or aren’t worth what they cost. I really liked the denim jacket but I had to pay $17 for it . . . Only thing I am left wondering about if the old Fall collection, I haven’t seen it on Starbazar and I don’t think there was a sale either . . .

So Stardoll has finally reached 60 million users! It’s amazing to imagine all these people online on stardoll, I really doubt 60 million people are on stardoll due to multiple and abandoned accounts. Thank gosh Stardoll finally realised it was  so wrong to charge us for stupid emblazoned t-shirts and instead they decided to give us free gifts:

(I forgot to add the balloons to the picture)

Nice dress . . . no complaints really . . .

Well that’s all for now folks

A new video will be posted up soon . . . Once I figure out a theme . .





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2 responses to “New Miss Sixty Collection. 60 million users. New Starbazar.

  1. love this blog! it is the best!

  2. Hey love your blog never heard of stardoll before but I am going to check it out, glad top see so many people love Miss Sixty. We run a store and if anyone would like to buy it online then you can check out the collection and enter “find” at the checkout to get 20% off until the end of November.