300 Subscribers! Plus some FAQs :3

Hi Everyone!

I wasn’t planning on posting today until I checked my Youtube account and now I have 300 subscribers! May not seem a lot to you but it does to me, it’s been over a year now since I’ve had the account and it’s only until now I’m getting a little bit of recognition.

So thanks to everyone who is subscribing/commenting and thumbing up (lol i preferred it  when Youtube had rating)

I was thinking about doing a code competition since I’ve reached all my goals lately (i.e. 50,000 views on here and over 159,000 on Youtube) but I think for now we will wait till I have reached 200,000 on Youtube and then I’ll have a Superstar competition worth £15 or £10. I’m unsure what it includes, probably 1-3 months of superstar and $500-$1200 stardollars

You may be thinking it’s a little bit crazy spending all that money on strangers, but it’s just a nice big thank you from me and plus I get loads of desperate people asking me for codes and even their passwords, thankfully I always delete their messages and friends request encase they accuse me of trying to “hack” their account or scam them.

Not too sure when this competition will take place as it will probably take at least 3 months for me to reach this goal of mine but with some help of other people it might go a little bit faster

A lot of people nowadays keep on coming up with the same questions for me on comments/guestbook/messages/friend requests so I just thought I would slam a a couple in this small post 🙂

Q: Where did you get your Sephora make-up?

A: About a year ago Sephora was the first and only make-up store, I bought a few things then it suddenly closed down and Dot took it’s place. Sadly there is no Starbazar version for make-up at the moment so for the now, I don’t think anyone can buy Sephora make-up again

Q: Will you give me a Suite Makeover and post it on Youtube?

A: Probably not, lately anyone who asks me has the exact same Medoll face as I do. I already have loads of make-up tutorials using my own doll face so can’t you just use them? I find it hard enough to find new fresh looks for myself never mind doing it for other people! I can do tinypic makeovers, which is just when you give me your username, I’ll do your make-up, take a snapshot, then post it up and give you the web address. If I like what I’ve done with your Medoll there might be a slight chance I will post it up on Youtube

Q: I’ve got some ideas for some of your tutorials, could you use them?

A: Depends what your ideas are and if someone already has a video on it (depends on their video really and if it’s just some amateur stardoll make-up or not). If you want to request anything just send me your ideas, at the moment there’s a high chance I will actually upload it since it’s becoming harder for me to create new ideas.

Q: What’s amateur stardoll make-up? (look question above)

A: This:

Please don’t take any offence if you actually post videos on Youtube like these. People have some great ideas for stardoll make-up on Youtube but sometimes it just doesn’t turn out right and the makers don’t even try to fix it or it really wasn’t what it said to be in the title of the video. As you can see in the pic, I really did try to emphasise the bright orange cheeks. It just all looks wrong!

Q: Why haven’t you accepted my friend request yet?

A: I usually accept a massive bulk of request in one day, which saves me a lot of time, when I log onto stardoll everyday spending about 6 minutes clicking accept through all of them. So doing them in large bulks helps me a lot. This doesn’t mean I don’t read your wonderful nice comments and questions. If I didn’t do this, I would probably skip through them all every single time I log onto stardoll everyday as it gets very tiring

I would post more questions but my battery is running out

Thanks Everyone





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2 responses to “300 Subscribers! Plus some FAQs :3

  1. Congratulations, Lel!

  2. Kirsty

    Congrats on the 300 subscribers and over 150,000 views 🙂 Just wanted to let you know there is a new thing called Stardoll TV check it out if you want, http://www.stardoll.com/en/stardolltv/ you can be featured on it if you enter [possibly, only if you win though] but theres loads of other comps too, not sure if sds are involved but they might be, have a great day 🙂