Hotbuys Spring Doll 2010 & Stardoll Advertisements

Hii Folks,

Not going to say any more excuses for not posting, I’m just being lazy again . .

So since it’s Easter I’ll be posting more this week that ever (Hopefully)! With a new header, may be graphics if I remember everything I learnt by myself and more fashion posts! If you’ve read my blog for quite a while now I used to do tons and tons of outfits and posted them up on here before I joined Youtube but when I kept uploading videos I thought there was no point any more in doing so.

New Hotbuys Spring Doll 2010 was released earlier this week

I like this collection, not love as in comparison to the other Hotbuys months (not counting January, February and March) the Hotbuys are getting more “drabby”, if that was ever a word. Nothing wrong with them but I used to love all of the Hotbuys but now it’s becoming a few selection of clothes and accessories. The biggest trends this Spring is denim, floral prints and  pastel colours but there’s not much of it there. Who wears grey in spring? I thought spring time was the all the fresh green and bright pink and yellow colours ( that’s what I used in my Vivaldi Youtube Video). I know my whole outfit on my medoll is dark and blue but I’m always too lazy to change my outfit half of the time.

I love the Trench coat, perfect for this season and especially in that shade of red. If stardoll were ever going to make a trench for spring, I would always think that they would make it all Pink and Frilly but they actually did quite well but as we all know Stardoll doesn’t really create these virtual clothes, instead they just to spin-offs on other real life designers which I think sometimes is a little disappointing, it’s great to wear head to toe designer clothing in which you would hardly do in real life but sometimes it’s nice to wear something that isn’t even in any shops online!

Even though I said before about the whole Gray colour scheme, I still like the skirt. I’m sure I have seen something like this on stardoll somewhere but I can’t quite place my finger on it. The only thing I really don’t like about this skirt is the thick white band along the waist of the skirt. In doing so, if you were to wear this skirt you’d have to tuck the top in because if you didn’t, for me it would just look a bit weird unless you layered with a jacket or other clothing I suppose.

Only thing I love from the Spring collection is the Hair band/Veil and the Bow Belt. if you know me then you’ll know I’m a sucker for any bows but especially Black Bows. It just screams at you Cuteness! I like the Blue Bowed dress but if it wasn’t quite so long I would definitely love it, I think it would look better as a mini-dress. But things I really dislike from this collection is the patterned short and skirt, but I’ll probably end up buying them sadly . . The candy pink shorts are nice but the other short and skirt will probably look better when they are out in starplaza than on the Hotbuys doll. The small little almost peach/white and black handbag is cute along with the Minnie Mouse Inspired T-shirt. Knowing stardoll it will probably change the image of Minnie on the T-shirt due to copy right reasons just like they did with the Hotbuys Hello Kitty T-shirt they brought out a few months back, it looks more like a mouse than a cat now and I was very disappointed.

Reason I did this quite long detailed paragraph about the new Hotbuys is because I’ve seen on everyone else’s blogs with all the ratings and I used to do that too, so I decided to spice a few things up on here! Two more March Hotbuys to go until the April Hotbuys are released. I’ve actually just noticed the Spring doll has actually got Yellow painted Nails, I’ve been wondering for a while now if stardoll were ever going to release something like that. We have make-up and hair dye so when can we use things like Nail Varnish? We probably could never see it but I think it would be a great update to have.

Just went on Fashion Club and there was a post about how LE might be coming out tomorrow which is Monday. Thank gosh I saw that, this time I’m defiantly going to check out the spoilers and see what I want. I am sick of getting the left over pieces that I only bought for the sake of not buying from the collection. I know non-superstar people will start to moan about how it’s not fair and it’s very expensive and I am a hypocrite sometimes but I think stardoll should make a LE for non-superstars that isn’t quite so expensive and which only they can get and not Superstars. I checked a few blogs and they are all saying it is coming out at 11 am est. I will be posting the spoilers soon tonight once I’ve finished this post as it will take me a while to screen shot them all.

I’ve recently seen the Stardoll Advertisement on a couple of my favourite websites (no wonder the member stats are shooting up). It’s still the same make-up type thing, but to me the Medoll looks well scary  . .

Here are a few Screen Shots:

Third one is a little different but I suppose they have to target different audiences

Going to end on a Happy note here, so Thanks everyone for reading as usual




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