Stardoll 50 Million Users! Amy Claire? Common Medoll’s and New Youtube Video


I wasn’t online when Stardoll had reached 50 million users but it really did reach it very fast. Last time I was online it was only at 39.4 million users. It really surprises me how much stardoll has changed and how many people are on the website now but you’ve got to take in account that some people have multiple accounts or accounts that they have just abandoned. Yet again we got some cheapy 50 Million merchandise, only 2 were free and the rest we had to pay $3 stardollars at the maximum.

New store in Starplaza named Amy Claire. I’ve never heard of the brand before but I love the simplicity of all the dresses. My favourite dresses would have to be the grey/white strapless dress and the essenitial party dress.

The whole outfits are not $37 and $30, I own maybe a quarter of the things Iused so they’ll cost a bit more. I used Baby Phat (shoes), Decades (golden belt), Rio (small belt and clutch), Hedi Klum (jewelry) and Bisou (Cropped Blazer). Not too proud of these looks as I only have 5 minutes to do each but I might just make a YouTube tutorial for another look from Amy Claire.

Recently, Looking around people’s Medolls, there has been a new trend of placing tear drops as contact lenses and using fake eyelashes. It actually looks quite nice so I decided to try it out for myself and made a special one just for Valentines Day

It looks quite nice but I wouldn’t use it on my Medoll. I like my medoll to just be plain and simple with some decorative make-up. I might be uploading a new Valentines look or maybe a Chinese New Year either here or on Youtube. It’s kinda cool that Chinese New Year is on Valentine’s Day, It’s the year of the Tiger which is 2010,1998,1986, 1974 and so forth. Tiger’s are supposed to be patient yet short tempered, affectionate and brave. They are most compatible with Horse, Dog and Dragon. Famous people who are dragons are Tom Cruise, Jay Leno and Queen Elizabeth II. Next year of the Tiger will be in 2022.

On other news . .

I’ve reached over 44,000 views! and 115,000 on Youtube!

On talking about Youtube half of my videos View counts are frozen and have been stuck on 302 for nearly a week now, I know people have been watching it because I’ve been getting comments, guess Youtube have lots of technical difficulties. . .





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4 responses to “Stardoll 50 Million Users! Amy Claire? Common Medoll’s and New Youtube Video

  1. popcornDaisy

    I just got the dress in the first picture, 33sd or something, do you know how much its really worse”?

  2. Arry

    Thats more than double the price. It was originally $16.

  3. popcornDaisy


    yeah but its worth alot, like dkny is worth the original price. this one of those dresses, ive only ever seen it for 500sd so i dont know the actuall proper price