39,000 views woohooo!! Stardoll advertising on youtube =O


Soo I just looked at my stats at 11:36 am this morning and I’ve got 39,001 views!! I really can’t wait till it’s 40,000 🙂

So thanks everyone who’s reading my blog, I know this blog doesnt get recognised as much as some other blogs do but with everyone’s help it mabye can, so once I hit 40,000 and 100,000 views on Youtube I’ll make a big code competition, btw 100,000 views won’t really take me long at all. Usually my views probaby go up 10,000+ in a week!

So anyways, beforehand  i was just on Youtube looking at some of my old videos, when suddenly on the right-hand side of my video this popped up:


P.S. For all those stupid people, this isn’t photoshop, I havent the skills to do that sort of thing lol

So on this ad, there is 2 hairstyles, 3 lipsticks and 3 eyeshadows and you get to use these on the doll and once you click finish, the medoll appears on a magazine and then this pops up:

and once you click try more looks it takes you to the stardoll log-in page, except it’s a teeny bit different:

Not the one we’re used to seeing is it?

Now I tried looking for more of these stardoll advertisiments on my other videos but I can only find it on my Halloween Spiked outfit, and when I went back on my Halloween video, it wasn’t there again so I’ll try find the ad again lol

Ohh forgot to mention nw youtube video for al those non-superstars out there!! and i actually added some make-up (which is optional) for those superstars:

I will hopefuly be making a gigantic post about “Stardoll 2009” very soon, I just need to do my re-search

Lelly’s research= Looking through old posts on Blog


So thank’s so much everyone and I will be blogging very very very soon

Ohhh and i almost forgot, how did your christmas go?

I just basically sat with my parents and close family, opened presents, had dinner, watch doctor who, watch a couple of movies, eat a lot and then go back to bed, not really festive is it? lol

Now for presents, i didn’t actually get a lot, I got a few crappy presents from my friends, but hey! It’s the thought that counts! I will hopefully be getting a new computer soon, touchscreen, if i may add, so I dont know what I’m gonna do with my Laptop =[

what did u get?




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