It’s finally fixed!!


So turns out WordPress doesn’t really like my google chrome so I have to return to old internet explorer!

So I’m really sorry if I haven’t been posting. It’s not that I didn’t want to, it was because I couldn’t.

So I had a small little break from stardoll about in November and I got a lot of comments and requests, took me about an hour to reply to everyone on stardoll/youtube/wordpress. Some people thought I wasn’t replying to them on purpose, which wasn’t true as they just didn’t look at this:

So yeah . . .

I’ve received some really lovely requests from nice flattering people

I know this not mean a lot to you, but it does to me as people are finally kinda noticing what I’m doing on youtube and my blog and it’s a nice feeling that people actually appreciate the hard work you put into things, so thank you everyone =)

Now I’ve gotten a few rude comments and I’d like to explain myself:

Sinemaki says: fake

She posted this on my shocking reply from stardoll so since she gave a weird e-mail so she can’t see what I right back, i’ll just have to post it here:

So “Sinemaki” you thought my reply from stardoll was fake? Well sadly it’s not, I don’t lie to my readers and pass it off as the truth, if it has Fake in the title then you can say it’s fake, if it doesn’t then well . . . it’s the truth! Stardoll don’t actually reply to your letters in actual fact, they pick out keywords from the message you sent them and reply in already written messages and just send them back, mostly all websites do this now these days, quite a shame as sometimes you don’t get the answer your looking for, which was in the post that you claimed was fake. I don’t or use the editing cheat, now that i’ve mentioned that I’ve completly forgotten about lol. So yeah it wasn’t fake, it was just stardoll’s auto reply messenger thing. I’ve got tons more mail from stardoll just like the one I posted up beforehand. I asked them “my make-ups missing from my medoll creator” and then they messaged be something about buying make-up from starplaza and using it in my medoll creator, out of subject much?

and another one:


Well I’m not too sure if she is talking about Stardoll or me, as she posted it up on my review, but yeah, if it’s so g*y then why bother reading or going on my blog or stardoll’s website???


On youtube 89,814 overall views and 192 subscribers!! woohoo

Thanks so much for everyone is is rating/commenting/subscribing, it means the world to me

and on this blog it’s coming up to 38,000 views

So a massive thank you to everyone who reads this blog and watches my videos



P.S Stardoll have finally fixed the rip off £1.50 for 2 weeks of superstar and now its £2.50 for 2 weeks and $100 but I just got the £5.00 and $200, saves me topping it up all the time lol


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