No $1 a day??? Strike?!

So I was looking through my messages today and guess what I seen . .


Can’t see?

We want 1 SD a day back! To show stardoll we are made we will not log in on November 17th. Please copy this into blog topics ect.


Now until I got this mail I didn’t realise that stardoll cancelled our 1 stardollar a day, now all people can use is Play & Earn. Now I think this is a very bad idea and it’s completely unfair to non superstars as they have no way of saving up stardollars unless they use Play & Earn but sadly P&E only give you $5 maximum and you have to spend it in 1 day.

I hope stardoll change their mind, as this is unfair treatment to non superstars. I think may be about 2/3  of stardoll users are non superstar!

If stardoll are going to keep it this way then I suggest they keep the prices really low for non-superstar clothing and suite decorations because I don’t think they could afford it unless they were superstar before hand.

Now to my calculations, November 17th will be a Tuesday. Now I won’t be online anyways because now I’m on a strict laptop limit, but oh well hehe

So what do think about this? Are you going to join the strike?

I went on a few clubs as soon as I got the message and no one was talking about the topic at all!! Hmf i miss the old animal-lover days





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2 responses to “No $1 a day??? Strike?!

  1. Britneyspearz23

    i know im posting on a old post but 17th of november is my bday 😦

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