[Stardoll Employee Code] Stardoll Hacker on Youtube

I was looking at my own Youtube videos when I noticed that this stardoll cheat video has nearly 15,000 views

I went to check and I knew it was too good to be true

Check this out:

Now this newstardollcheat person really is a hacker, she may have deleted her comments on the video but she didnt on her profile . . . .


What a stupid hacker! I feel really sorry for the people who have been hacked, I know what it feels like to be left with nothing.

If you can really see the picture above EdwardCullenBabe95 is right about in 2.18 in the video ist does change from $552 to $52. but she covered it up but putting one of those anotiantions over it:



If you take it away, it actually does say $52

Another thing you can see if the cursor it’s an I

This “I” can only appear on stardoll if your using the editing code:

The video:

If you look closely at that section of the video, you can see it changes from a hand to the “I”

This doesn’t usually happen on stardoll:

Look at the pointer (cursor) at the top left hand

But when you use the editing code:

(You can see the “I” at the top left of the stardoll screen)

So people a word of advice,

Even if you see a cheat ANYWHERE, like on a  blog/youtube/club dont try it if it says it needs your password. Even if other people say its true it’s just probably the hacker who has stolen their accounts! Like the time where everyone on Animal-Lovers was going on about this Callie.stardoll on MSN. She asked for the password and said it wasnt superstar then stole everything and changed the password but luckily it was my spare-account.

I’m just saying that never give your password out even if the cheat is too good to be true because half the people out there would steal everything.

Same goes for Makeovers, I would never give out my password for someone to go on my account and do my make-up. I would just go on my youtube channel and follow all the stuff I did in the videos.

Better to be safe than sorry . . . . .



My Preventing Hacking Guide:




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46 responses to “[Stardoll Employee Code] Stardoll Hacker on Youtube

  1. rivailyas


  2. Hey. I get it. That is so horrible. Nex time i can, i am going to watch that video. How could people do such a ting. Oh, and about the free makeovers, i give them! Lol. But i dont need a password at all. I go to the medoll editor at there suit. Fix them up. Save the pic and put it on my blog for them to see. Simple rite?
    lol. U can get 1 if u want. I always want more creativity in my life. And oh ya. I wud luv to be a riter for this blog. Plz concider. And contact me.

  3. I saw that!!
    It is horrid!!
    I have been warning people!!
    It is all because of the Employee Code…

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  5. Lelly

    I know
    Its really sad how people will do anything to get into people’s account

  6. Diana(:

    I’ve fallen for the stupid “change your email to freestardollars@live.com, and get 10,000 stardollars!”
    3 times. >:[
    I trust everyone. >;|

  7. Lelly

    Aww I hope your more careful in the future

  8. i was just recently hacked today by .Allure. she had this cheat on her presentation assuring me it worked and i wasnt thinking and did it and look what happend my account xxxxbulgerxxxx was hacked. i tried changing my email didnt work tried changing my password through my email didnt work once your hacked you cant get your account back. its sucks. my account was superstar and still is until february and all my money isnt even going to be spent on me! everyone please report .allure. for hacking and scamming. she seemed really nice until she hacked me. she deleted every scenery i have ever made all my friends, my starblog, and has changed my medoll and suite. dont be a victim :[ dont be hacker. its only funny until it happens to you. My friend _-_dollface_-_2 was hacked a few months ago but the hacker gave her her account back…. who knows why but she did.

  9. I really hate hackers
    and scammers!
    I do give people makeovers BUT i NEVER hack them!
    If the memebers on stardoll don’t want to give me their passwords , i give them a a tinypic!
    p.s this blog HELPED me a LOT!

    Thx and bye!

  10. BarbieNBallet

    I have watched this before, I nearly fell for this trick! I am not a superstar and I don’t ever dare to give out my password because I have been hacked before on a website called cartoon doll emporium and the hacker stole all my stuff! :O

  11. mazvita.div

    somebody hacked into my account! it wasn’t funny at all i never hacked anybody and never will if i’m givng suite make overs i need u to be my friend ply chat the i do the rest! buy#t to be hacked! my account was superstar and i hand 100.000 stardollars! to be spent and i just go it! its not pleaseant! so don’t do it my superstar was for a whole year!

  12. atlanta

    and I’m gonna hack THE hacker…

  13. I know 2 ways how to hack. Here they are ::

    1. I now how to hack.Its so easy. But i don’t tell it to everyone.Becouse then , all in stardoll hack each other accounts…IF you want instructions send your nickname to email : —— and I will respond to you as quickly I can.

    1. Change your email to ——- in stardoll.Then , from —- send me ONLY your Stardoll nickname to me email {——}
    No password need.!

    WARNING. All ways working fully only if you follow instructions.!
    I recommend to try all ways. Becouse ::
    with 1 way you learn how to hack accounts.
    With 2 way you get the employelee code.

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  15. Tianna

    It was my luck that I changed my E-mail just 2 hours before someone hacked into my account and changed it into their own.I actually change it into my own E-mail again so one day after i went to check on E-mail and stardoll gave me my account back by informing me about a try to change my E-mail so it was my luck that i got my account back by the 72 hours have passed.

  16. chanel

    im chanel! (not the disigner)

  17. Alina

    How could someone do that? I saved $20 of my OWN money and I’m 11 and I wanted a superstar account badly! I almost fell for it actually i saw the vid 4 the 2nd time not even 5 minutes ago. This blogger is a LIFESAVER!

  18. is the stardoll employee code even real because on youtube it has proff that it is real but people say it isnt please someone tell me the truth

  19. Lelly

    If you read my whole post you would understand it isn’t real . .
    It’s fake and made by using the code to edit stardoll

  20. hey could you pleaseeeeee tell me the employee code pleaseeeeee! im begging u pleaseeeeeeee

  21. Did you read the post?
    It doesn’t exist.
    I know you’re the person who wrote on my Old Delete Accounts . . Post
    You can’t keep thinking there are cheats on Stardoll, because you’re just going to get hacked.

  22. omg i cant bealive this is happening to people. well its kinda noth of there falts its kinfa dum. its like if u fall of this bridge u will become a fairy 😀 😦 but no its not true

  23. hey if you no Mant_* on stardoll tell her to give me my account ulisay back

  24. How do you edit things? You said editer ive been working my toolbar like a bicycle searching “Editor” and “Edit” and “HTML editor” and ive tried internet!

  25. I’m sure if you just google it, some Stardoll blog will have it.

  26. L0V3-BUG

    So, do you know how to hack or not? I honestly do not get it.

  27. thats horrid i sorry but that girl is a fuckin ass hole

  28. Anonymous

    Its sad, people would do anything just to hack into an virtual account. I mean…its not going to take you far, its not gonna earn you anything. All your gonna earn is big guilt and many people reporting you and your account getting deleted. And you can sooo tell if its a hack if they say “only superstar/royalty”. That is a major cover blown.

    This random girl once said to me in starmail “heyy there! Here is my password: ——, could you get me the free miley dress, the white and black one, thanx”

    I didnt even ask her, she just gave it to me. So i got her the free miley dress and logged out. Lots of people would of just hacked and say: “haha! Not my fault you gave me your pass”.

    As i said before: People would do anything just to hack into an virtual account. Its just really sad and really low

  29. I hate people like this 😦 They’re stupid!Of course it’s Superstars only,that’s what gave she is a hacker away 😛 Stupid Hacker!

  30. Anonymous

    How do u get the stardoll cheats?

  31. Iceice20dice

    @ anonymous above

    Unfortunately the cheat is not real, even if anyone “claims” to have so, they will most likely hack you. I hope I helped 🙂

  32. girlsruleallo

    fake do you know why go on her video on youtube and watch see had 100 or summit and then when she clicks edit people look at her money it turns to 25 or summit !!!

  33. mia

    you are so helpful i am sure i got hacked by that person before .

  34. Britney rox

    my account was hacked and i found out that if u create a new account and tell the stardoll satff u were hacked(leaving some details) like set birthday, 1st email bla bla bla. so just do that and u get ur account back! 🙂

  35. That’s good news to hear 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  36. thanks for telling us it makes a diffrence to us and makes us more aware

  37. gabby

    Hi its sad how people do that because i had a ROYALTY account hacked and i still dident get it back for 3 months :[ not even stardoll belives its my account so i had to make a new one i hate my life because of the hacker :S

    Hacked account: Julybaby5
    New account: Julybaby55

    if anyone could help me get julybaby5 back id give you and ultimate game card $20 because if you get it back for me and its royalty i have to pay you back so id give you a $20 ultimate game care!


    PS,if you get it back contact me at my email address: gabby.whitestrickland2@hotmail.ca

  38. Christine

    Who created the first hack and scam! Hackers are sooo annoying. Oh, this “cheat” was rich. I saw a comment on a youtube vid and it said if u are ss or royalty u should give ur pass to this gal named stelina! I think it’s another way to hack! Comments!

  39. @Christine

    Nobody knows, but I’m sure way back in 2006 there were deceitful users who tried to take others’ accounts.
    If anyone states that you have to be Superstar or Royalty you definitely know it’s a scam.

  40. i dont care, when i say i got a lot of awsome free clothes on my new stardoll account!!!! so im sharing it hope your first to see it though im making more of these accounts, and if you get it i wrote my password in my album and guestbook!! but heres my account, user:dawnribbon password:1luv4codysimpson
    so there you go!!! in 2 days at least , a gift of 500 more starcions and 20 stardollars should come!!! thx!

  41. i made a new acount with free clothes that hasnt ben touched!!!
    i did not post imformation anywere else so you wont have to erase anything!!her user:collieposh password:starsandsripes4

  42. i dont want to be judgemental or anything but chrck out firnop on stardoll, shes mean weird and hatfull!!!

  43. if i was a stardoll employee, i would not hack. its mean!!!id just send gifts to users and clubs to be nice!!:D the reason i made theses accounts with free clothes is so people dont hack!

  44. dESTINYChild

    I would not hack hacking is bad because sometimes people can get there acocunt back like if another person changes the email and the password an email can be sent in there email that they change there passwword into blah blah blah or they change there email into blah blah blah but please dont hack just be proud of who you are in rl and a virtual game dont be a bully be a star.

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