I’ve learnt the whole of Europe *Gasp*

Not entirely but i actually have. All down to stardoll’s Play & Earn game Globetrotter lol

Now I’m only posting this up because i havent had a little rant in a while. Thinking of doing another verdict or something like that but well i know myself and i know i wouldnt finish it!! Im also thinking about people guest writing very soon since quite a lot of people were asking me after the competiton sooo if you are interested contact me and i’ll sort something out very soon!!

Anyways I now know where moldva is, where estonia is, serbia is and i didnt know that all before!! I always play Europe because i suck at Africa, America and Asia!! Im sure people can relate to what I’m saying. if you play something quite a lot then you kinda get used to it and know all the answers. Its like playling Leo Steel (Miniclip game) i was like addicted to it and i could get up to level 20 without losing any lives at all!

So did stardoll just release this game because they thought it would do some good in little kiddies brains or just for the sake of it?






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6 responses to “I’ve learnt the whole of Europe *Gasp*

  1. rivailyas

    me too!!

  2. i always play europe too but i cant get more than 6000 in my score i want the cheat which can help me out with the time cuz there is scores above 10.000 and for that u should have 10 mouses…

  3. Lelly

    I know the cheat
    But i did try it once but its very hard to work

  4. so can u tell me pls i`ll try no matter how hard is it

  5. Lelly

    Ive posted it up
    Bu be careful it doesnt always work

  6. hi :)!!!:D
    so can u tell me how do u get high score in this game? pls tell me:)….
    contact me at my e-mail : mitzi_swwet@yahoo.com