Miss Sixty 09 Stardoll Collection SPOILERS and new Youtube vid



So how will this work out? Possibly a new ELLE collection is coming out but then so is this?! Now i know everyone is saying that we’re all moving to roi-world ect. ect. but then one of the best things on stardoll is there is actual real brands that you can kinda virtually wear.

Some of my close family absolutly love Miss Sixty, they’ve got jackets and tops and even a tracksuit of the brand!!! hopefully i can get my hands on her black miss sixty jacket one day . . . . .

but WARNING!! Im deffo sure miss sixty will be just as expensive as dkny and philiosophy so be warned!!

Im definitely buying the shorts, bags, black boots and the print t-shirts

BTW that necklace at the bottom isnt Miss Sixty its just actually a normal stardoll spoiler

The competition for the superstar code is on!!

So I’m givng away 1 sms code, 1 month superstar, $50 and too be extra nice I’ll give you another $12 (if your ss) and I’ll buy you $12 worth of gifts (if your non-ss)

If you want to join just go on my stardoll page and friends request me saying “C” (for competition, so then i know your in it) and i’ll tell the details through mail.


My orange video




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