SPOILER Long cream dress . . .


I was looking at some spoilers i found myself, there is loads of summer clothes for the boys and something to do with a “Princess Protection film” with Selena Gomez. But there was something striking about this . . .



Btw i so sorry about not posting!! Im banning myself from the laptop because my eyes are sooo bad everything is blurred!! But i still dont wear my Missoni Glasses unless i need to =P

EDIT: Thanks to suprim2 its a competition dress for the USA and people outside of the USA can only see it through proxy websites

thanks suprim2!!!

I’ll be back updating Verdicts and stuff . . . .

nearing 17,000 is less than hundred





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2 responses to “SPOILER Long cream dress . . .

  1. suprim2

    Tell me, where do you got the spoilers and how do you know it’s new ones?

    Btw, the dress is a competiton prize from the movie The Proposal. I saw it when I was on a usproxy, so I think it’s only for the usa.
    I’m thankful for answer,


  2. Lelly

    Im sorry but i cant reveal how i get them, but they come in order so thats how i know their new
    Thanks for the info! Ive edited it!