Stardoll Vs Roi-world?


Sorry I havent been on this blog for a while

I amm concentrating on my Youtube videos at the moment

Here’s the newest video:

I love it because the blue smudgy look


Anyways back to the subject

A while ago I was planning to type a  comparison on different Dress-up sites on the same Celebrities but I only had a hour and I only got to do 2 sites and 2 dolls but I will try to find some more.

This is (as you can guess)

Stardoll Vs. Roi-World

Now we all kind of know Roi-world as a Asian dress-up site but lately they’ve introduced an American version which I’ve got an account on and I must say its amazing! Talented people are actually on Roi-world and they paint their own outfits! So go check it out!

Now aswell as stardoll, Roi-world use Celebrities clothes that they have been seen in on magazines so here it goes:


Lady gaga- Roi World


Lady Gaga- Stardoll

Now it would be stupid of me to ask which one is better, which of course its Roi-world! The glasses are more Lady Gaga (like the ones on the cover of her album The Fame) and the dress has way more detail. But Stardoll get kudos for more Lady Gaga face as sometimes on Roi-World, you need to squint your eyes a bit to see who the celeb is.

Stardoll 1 V Roi-World 1.5


Eva Mendes- Roi-World


Eva Mendes- Stardoll

Here we go again . . . . . Now of course Roi-World’s is a lot better than Stardoll’s. Stardoll dress-ups seems really childish in comparison to Roi-world’s. The dress is kinda the same with the shade of grey but Roi-worlds is more T-shirt dress whereas Stardoll’s is a Tank-top dress. I’m sure I saw her wearing a grey dress just like these two somewhere in a magazine . . . . But yet again Stardoll have a better face and Roi-World have a better outfit + hair

Stardoll 1.5 V Roi-World 3

Now People mabye wondering why I chose to waste my time on something like this, but I only did it because to show Stardoll people that we’re falling behind everyone! On one of my last posts I said that Stardoll’s quality is becoming horrible! I’m just making comparrisions to other Dress-up websites to show maybe why people go elsewhere . . .





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13 responses to “Stardoll Vs Roi-world?

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  2. jessie

    i think stardoll has gotten abit old
    i think eventually people will move to roiworld
    i still can’t decide which one i like better
    they both have their reasons but i’m more on roiworld now

  3. Jamie

    yeah u have 2 admit stardoll games are getting pretty boring.

  4. smith

    .Take from someone who just left roiworld that site has some of the most negative crazy weirdness thing you see. Sad and that people talk about sex show or draw graphic pics. Calling people out their names. And their a couple of racist on the site who will ask are you what your race..and if wrong their decline you..People get jealous of people who have lot of friends show their flag your work and you lose your points. If you start a forum and someone dont like roiworld will just deleted and not why telling you why. Oh and their suspend you if someone complain about you if another member lies about you…If your stardoll stay where at I know a whole lot of people who are deleted their acc with roiworld with all the crap going on their

  5. chanel

    stardoll got real wack i have a roiworld its username is naynay357 add me but stardoll games got real boring because you cant add freinds or messages so it’s boring but roiworld is like awesome all my people are hot

  6. i hate stardoll now and i am constantly on roiworld and my username is so plz add me!

  7. yeah stardoll iz a total yuck even if it’s new and even roi world’s new but roi world is tottaly cool

  8. i cant believe u guys think roiworld is better than stardoll now in 2010 stardoll has got much better!U guys are idiot and complete aseholes iam the owner of stardol!

  9. Lmao!
    You call people “idot” (should be a s at the end) yet you can’t even spell the word asshole right.
    Go read the dictionary, you actually might learn something.
    If you’re the owner of Stardoll – I must live on the moon.
    Old post by the way, I’m not sure if you can read.

  10. Mayzzz

    U guyz are fucking Idiouts

  11. Mayzzz

    roiworld is way better then stardoll u post blogs but stardoll is great with makeup and face texture 🙂 > X sorry for saying you guyz are beeping idiouts soz ! ;(

  12. @Mayzzz

    Don’t worry, at least you had the decency to apologise – I’ve been called a lot worse.
    Yeah I agree, Roi-world has better dress-ups although Stardoll is slightly more interactive with Make-up and our Medolls.

  13. sanane

    Stardoll it coollllllllllllll

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