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As I promised before i would be posting (slowly)!

I dont have enough time now to keep going on stardoll every single day so please be patient.

Well have you ever noticed the quality of the dolls?

Half of the Superstar Dolls are really rubbish, here’s my examples:


Britney Spears 1-

Now this doll was out when i first joined stardoll in late 2006. See the quality of the doll is a bit 2D, not like what it is today! The head of the doll isnt all that great but it still looks like Britney. Im sure the dress she is wearing is a lottery dress though im not sure . . . .

Compare it to this:


Basma Bosil-

Some pieces of clothing look the same as Britney’s (as in quality), still 2D! Most of them have Bland colours and dont stand out. The Doll’s head is what makes it a bit more modern than Britney’s. This doll is free NOW! So comparing the doll in 2006 to the 2009 and they both are a bit simpler is ot a great start for doll makers on stardoll!


Now take a look at this one:


Amanda Seyfried-

The quality is a teeny but better, but is starting to get out of the 2D shape but not quite yet.  The clothes are quite tacky and simple and stardoll always have the 3 same wigs, blonde, brunette, red head! This doll is Superstar right now! Tut tut . . . .

Compare it to this:


Dolly Parton-

See this doll is definatly better than all the 3 over dolls put together! But of course there is a reason for this. Stardoll put the best quality on the dolls which are going to go into starplaza or the ones 85% of the time! Dolls head is really life like and the dresses are 3D. Most of the dresses in this doll are in starplaza. This doll is Superstar right now! Same goes to this one:



So when will start making better quality clothing for other dolls, we’re in 2009 not 2006 and when more and more members are coming they might be disapointed as roi-world and i-dressup are a world a head of us!! I know stardoll are short of time on keeping new dolls coming but they could at least try!!!!

I have always wanted a panda doll . . . . . .





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2 responses to “Doll Quality on

  1. sweetcutegirl

    i know, eh?
    I’m really annoyed with it.
    And hope stardoll creates NEW dolls of em.

  2. vyheryollllllllllllllllllllllllllll