Japanese Lolita Inspired Outfit & Break


This is an Edit

I didn’t explain much about it and of course it wasnt detailed enough.

When I meant I was on a break I meant I wouldn’t be posting as much as I was before and I’m trying to lay off the laptop now becuase my eye-sight is getting really bad even though I don’t wear my glasses all the time, though they’re nice and pretty and are from Missoni.


Okay so I will be posting every week or so but not as much as I used to.

I’ve got over 14,000 views now!

I’m in the making of the new youtube suite stardoll things but I need peoples approval encase they dont like it.

Liking the new Dolly Prom outfits kinda reminds me of Japanesee Lolita! Made a look around it and went a little crazy!!!:

the look

Love the skirt and top!!

So thanks everyone for your support and I’ll be posting (slowly) soon!!!





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2 responses to “Japanese Lolita Inspired Outfit & Break

  1. Tsukutsukuboshi (Rachael)

    Hiiii lel!!!!!!! ;D

    I wanna say that your AWESOME

    Just reading through all your old posts and am trying to read every single post!!!!!

    I just wanna say that this post was on my birthday!!!!!!


  2. Helloo
    Haha aw thank you m’dear :3
    Just be careful reading very old posts. I had terrible grammar, spelling and not to mention meaningless posts xD
    Happy belated Birthday xD Hehe.

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