My Favourite things ….


Well I was wondering this morning that my blog is called “Lel1996’s Stardoll blog”. Right? Well I know I try to bring a different edge on mostly everything but do I add any personal stardoll stuff on here? So I just thought I’d add a post about all my favourite things so you know what I like/dislike + I’m bored

My Favourite Dress:


I Love this dress. I’m sure Natalie Portman wore this dress, Inspired by Lanvin ruffles. I saw this dress on LOOK magazine! It’s got everything I love- Purple and Ruffles!!

My All-time Favourite piece of clothing:


Definitely The Fallen Angel Ruffle Skirt (It’s all ruffles!!). I’ve definitely included this skirt in tons of outfits, I dont know what I like about it- I just think its pretty! The skirt comes from the Uma Thurman doll.

My Fave outfit/s:


These Album shots were from long ago when I was a collector. Bad times yet I loved the scuba, ruffle skirt.

My Favourite Sceneries:


This Scenery Took me ages to do. I done this in 2008 at the start of the year, Hated my Medoll. I think this was before I found some style lol


This took quite a while to place everything everywhere. Love the Japaneese Sailor Girl Uniform! I had a smiley Medoll then. Made this after Blue Ocean


I made this really recently. I love the sparkly background. The red backround is made out of 40 of the same dress lol.

My Favourite Shop/s:


Loved Antidote. I hope a new collection comes out soon. I only got one thing as at the time I wanted to save my money plus  I didn’t think it would be that popular so I would have time. I deeply regret that


I’ve always loved Bisou. Mostly on all my videos I use something from this shop. I dont know what it is but its definitely my type of style in the real world.


DKNY has always been a favourite for me. It’s not because their “rare” but it’s something different I guess. Even though it’s a bit expensive.

My Fave Doll:


Loved this doll when it first came out! Agy is just so stylish!

My Fave Vid:

Before Spring doll came out my fave was my first video but now its not. Purple is my fave colour and i love the bow in the video + simple pimple make-up

My Fave Post:


My Voile Cheat post is what got me on the map I guess. I posted it without knowing it would be such a massive hit. Even WordPress advertised it for me! If i had 2 faves I would add my verdicts in. I always put extra effort in them plus new people everyday are looking at them- the most popular one is Prt 1, I was wondering if I should do another one but I’ve mostly talked about everything that annoys me!!

My fave pieces of Make-up:


2 Manaic Lipsticks

Mascara Vol.

White eyeliner

Jumbo Stick Pink

Black eyeliner

Kat Von D Black Eyeshadow


Sorry Dot! But Sepphora was amazing and had more ranges of eye make-up products. Seriously if you had all the items that I’ve listed you’d me okay an wouldnt need to purchase anything for a simple look.

My Fave graphic that I’ve made:


This took me agess to make on GIMP. I had to use 3 different dolls. I think the dress is from Lanvin collection. I’m proud of this even though its wubbish. Its the best thing I’ve ever made, hopefully I’m getting better!




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