LE Spring Preview= Wubbish

Is it just me or is it that LE is getting worser everytime?

To check-out the Spring Preview go here:


I mean the bags are bascialy shopping baskets you get in Tesco’s but purple!

I like the Bows though on the dress but i would prefer for it to be black! I have a soft spot for Black bows (I own tons of black bows hairbands and always get teased by my friends for it)

The shoes are nothing special and same with the dresses but lets just hope the rest of the collection are better!

So this morning i would suggest to buy more stardollars as there will be a massive que to buy the Limited edition stuff!

I like Antidote wayyy more than LE though!


Oops forgot to mention Ive got a youtube vid up! Please dont shout out who the medoll is representing + it was a request and i was happy to help

Though i dont like copying other peoples medoll i like to be unique





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