Hotbuys April


Here is Moi’s ratings; i love this months its soo cute!

Headband: 7/10 In real life everyone wears these hairband on there head i think they got it off the 80’s in the fashion catwalks

Hairy Vest: 3/10 ewwww you’ll look like a yeti

Print Dress: 5/10 cant really see it from the vest

Necklace: 8/10 Love it!

Blazer: 2/10 not really my thing its too boxy

Heart Skirt: 2/10 reminds me of my granny

Tunic: 9/10 AMAZING

Frock: 9/10 Love the bright colour

Bow Purse: 10/10 I LOVE the bows

Heels: 7/10 A bit too womanly but sweet

Cant wait till there out, and btw i really like the hotbuy’s models lips, i wish stardoll could give us them 😦

And im very sorry about the lack of posts as ive got new glasses ( missoni’s!!!) and my eyes have gotten worse so im staying off the laptop for a while!




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