Change of Stardollars/Superstar UK ONLY!!!!!


Hello everyone! Look what i done!! Im sooooo soooo happy I’ve got a little header for my posts now, im only doing this so i can add a little colour to my blog-as when i look at it, it seems dull and boring! Which i finally thought i should put an end to and start rainbowing it up a little šŸ™‚

So you may see here at the post title about the change of rate of stardollars, UK only (great Britian, whatever you wanna call it!) and thats where im from so im sure everyone else in the area got mail too and i think it is WELL UNFAIR!!! I mean $67 stardollars for Ā£1.50 was okay but now $50 stardollars? Is stardoll crazy? What a rip-off! Now the bad news comes to me as i use my mobile-phone and the only good news in the letter is for people who use credit-cards which i dont use since my parents wont let me šŸ˜¦ but i think its terribly unfair!

Here’s the letter below (click to enlarge);


I think the hidden secret message in this mail is


“Hello stardoll user,

Stardoll has decided we are being hogs and that we’re not getting enough money and that we have lowered the price we usually give you so we can make more money and take your dosh! The phone-line company’s keep most of the money so we’ve decided we want more of it so we’re lowering the amount of stardollars we’re giving you

Stardoll Customer Service

If you have any comment please post below, may we metion all will be ignored, Thank you”


Ha! We’ve all got that one worked out! Dont think we’re stupid you know! But oh well, we just have to wait and see and btw im not too sure if any other countries have changed their rates yet so be on the look out!

Im forgot to metion i was thinking about maing another blog NOTHING TO DO WITH STARDOLL but with book reviews, Know i know (not being bigheaded) but for my age im quite a very good reader, I can tell everyone can guess my age but ive read loads of amazing books like Great Expectations, Wuthering Heights, Da vinci code, angels and demons ect. NOT BOASTING which ive read in my free time and in school with our personal choices but those arent the only books i read! I love louise Rennison’s books like Angus, thongs and perfect snogging and the rest of the series and loads of chick-flicks so i wouldnt need to talk about boring books most of the time as i would be able to talk about a whole different range of books- so i was just mentioning it so if any of my readers would be interested in my other blog just have a look and see! I hope to get the web address posted tonight so I’ll post the web address hopefully by the end of tonight and mabye get 2-3 reviews up

Here is the website: click here

Here is also the website if the link doesnt work:






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4 responses to “Change of Stardollars/Superstar UK ONLY!!!!!

  1. kirsty

    Hiya I so totally know what you mean stardoll is being so unfair I buy ss every month on my phone and each year we will lose out on $204 how mean!!!

    And btw I love the Louise Rennisson books too!!! They crack me up!!

    I will check out your new blog btw are wordpress blogs free (not to sound stupid or anything) cause I may set one up!

    Also I will check out your new blog!!

    Keep posting cause I check back each day!! Cause some of you post make me laugh something chronic lol!

  2. Ugh this is why I stick to Gaia Online. šŸ˜›
    Stupid Stardoll.

  3. lel1996

    whats Gaia?

  4. BarbieNBallet

    I belive that secret message is true!
    I will have a look at your blog and add it to my bookmarks ( As I have done witht this one).
    My reading age ( not boasting) For my age is best in the class, I am 10 and My reading age is 13.6 No one belives me. Would you give me any book reccomendations?