My Online Diary

Right I was having an idea, since i need new things for my blog because i dont want to see everyone get bored till i get to Stardoll- my veridct Part 34 – if you get my drift. As its good to have fresh ideas every now and then so I’ve had a small idea frm ages ago and i see no-one else is doing it so im gonna make my own stardoll diary.

Now here are my Points:

1) No it will not always be about me me me me me me me me me me me me all thoughout the diary, i’ll be mentioning other people suites, styling studios, sceneries evloving around the stardoll community.

2) It will give an insight of what its like to be a normal stardoll user- Instead of having heaps of LE in my cloest- RC clothes and billions of friends

Those are the only points so far i can think of 🙂

But its not gonna be for everyday of the week- Possibly every once a week depending how many time i get on the laptop in a week.

Now im trying not to be lazy with this- Ive got loads of requests for youtube videos which ive had to written down so it will take a while to finally set in

Stay tuned



P.S For those who’ve enjoyed my verdicts then do not fear ive “sorta” got to the middle of part 4 hehehe


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