Hotel for Dogs Contest- Where to find Cheat

Hiyo peeps, well i got a few requests for this so here it is to find where all 5 of the contests dogs are hiding.

1) Go to Starplaza- Then just click on Favourites or something like that then one dog is at the bottom of the search bar bit on the bottom page.

2) One dog is in the Doree Hairdye shop

3) One dog is in the Stardoll Girls Clothes Shop in Starplaza

4) one dog is in the Medoll Creatror

5) One of the dogs is in Starbazar- So go to Starplaza and at the near the top of the page there is a sign saying Starbazar click on it and the dog should be in the room

6) The last dog is in the scenerie sections (Just go and make a secenery Choose a background ect. and when your making it- it shud be there

Happy hunting




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