Shocking DKNY unanswered-Cheeky Stardoll Staff

I sent stardoll some messages, 2 infact and take a look at what stardoll said to me;

This message is about the Christmas calendar (click to enlarge picture):


I think stardoll better watch their language next time



This message was about the DKNY collection, this was sent before the sale of the dkny old collection and THEY DIDNT EVEN ANSWER MY QUESTION:




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5 responses to “Shocking DKNY unanswered-Cheeky Stardoll Staff

  1. Lelly

    Sorry to burst your bubble but in actual fact those messages were real,
    I dont lie to my readers, thank you very much

  2. Abbie

    How do you send in a suggestion. BTW;SHES NOT FAKING. Are you, lelly?

  3. Lelly

    You just contact stardoll and it has loads of little listings and click on suggestion
    And no I wasn’t lol, cause if I was then it would have EDIT or FAKE in the title