2008 Stardoll Review- Part one

I thought at the end of the year i should do a review of the year, but sorry if i dont have enough snapshots. Ive been searchin everywhere on my blog for old photos

Btw i could do from the start of the year to the end cause ive forgotten EVERYTHING, so sorry if its a bit scratchy


I had been off for a while on stardoll so i was jus starting to get used to it again. Anyways, people were still looking for rares and hotbuys and in the summer i got my first pair of really really rare stuff, yes the Scuba and Ruffle skirt for only $55 and $45. That was in the summer and now 5 months later people are paying $1000 stardolars for all i know, such such ashame. i mean its virtual clothes, what do you gain? Those were my happy days, before i got hacked. I just figured out at that time i had one of the rarest bags on stardoll, Patchwork. i had it since i started stardoll though i never knew it was quite popular. I hadnt seen anyone around at that time with the bag since its been around since 2006. Anyways stardoll was fairly usual and i think at also at that time broadcast was first introduced, corect me if i am wrong. I just remember when it first came out, there was lots of disscussions on how it wasnt fair and it was a rip-off. I think my first ever broadcast message was “Hi plz look at my suite”. i laugh at myself all the time.

Also durig that season MonthlyGiftClub was introduced, you know now hardly anyone talks about it anymore. Anyways the more memembers it got the more gifts it gave out. It gave out like bags, trousers, skirts ect.

Here is a snapshot of all the gifts;


The club and stardoll was sponsered by Pearl Tampax. The club was just like an ordinary club although full of disscusions about “girl” problems and how about that boys could not join the club. i didnt really enjoy going on the topics in monthlygiftclub. they reached over 3 million memebers then suddenly the club vanished. Stardoll gave no warning about how it was going to go, until i contacted stardoll and they said that the sponsershiped ended and that was that, i posted it on my blog and got over 300 hundred views of it.

the start of this blog, was kinda weird thinking of it. I didnt really write anything i just posted pictures. You know to think that i started this blog in september which was was 3 months ago, 3 MONTHS!!! Its weird now because its just december and ive already got regular readers. You i like to think my blog if different to others. Most people who do blogs now are “populars or elites”. Im not being sad or rude or anything but i dont really know any blogs that aren’t run by famous peeps that are popular with stardoll members or mabye thats jus me and i dont look at other known blogs. Here is an extract from my first post;

Okay this is my first post!! I am really excited!!

So anyway-

Im just an ordinary girl on stardoll who is just really bored and ive decided for myself that i should make a blog. I know it sounds really stuiped but if everyone else can do it, i can too. I’m here just to proove you dont need to have 4 billion starpoints or 2 billion million stardollars to have a sucessful blog or have all the so called “elites” as your bestfriends or whatever. This blog is NOT going to be about “OMG she’s off her bestfriend list!! does that mean the magazine is over?” or “OMG!!! She has all the MKA RC and DKNY and has the best dress sense in the whole of stardoll!!” or somthing stuiped like that.This is going to be about Stardoll news,clothes and people who desevre attention that dont get it. I dont know why people have taken stardoll serouisly. sometimes i want to laugh my head-off at the people who write magazines on how to style your medoll and how to dress it. Let me say this once and once again IT IS VIRTUAL!!! Who cares if you DKNY or Vivenne Tam and other crap??? Not me!! People waste their whole month trying to write magazines on stardoll. It is a virtual game. I’ve been a member since 2006 and if somebody told me there was going to be magazines on how to dress your medoll i would think you were crazy and needed to go to a nut case house. So hoefully you will enjoy my blog and i will continue writing on this blog.



Wow, time flys by, you kow im thinking of joining blogspot altho im not too sure, could i give up this wordpress site for another, I’d need to think about it.

The change of starplaza also happened and it wasnt long ago, usually it was more, im not too sure how to put it, but more rectangly rather than squareish. I dont think i have any pics of it but if you’ve been on stardoll for a while now im sure you’ll know.

So there is the first part, im really sorry and i was hoping i could do it in one massive chunk but im kinda busy tonight.

Stay tuned for the next part





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