Stardoll- My Verdict Part One

Okay, I’ve finally decided why did i call this a blog when I’ve hardly written anything in it!!! So from now on I think you will expect to see more words rather outfits and looks.

No offence to Stardoll Staff but like everyone else I think the magzine could do with a bit more “umph!” don’t you think? They could do with resizing pictures in some articles as it takes me 7 scrolls to get to the end of the page. Also they have the most boring stories ever, I mean who reads this kind of stuff? I’d rather get my hands on Look magazine rather than read through Stardoll’s so-called magazine. I think they should contribute more to other memebers like questionaires and surveys. I know loads of non-teenagers on stardoll (including myself) and i dont find the world of celebrities very interesting to be honest. I know just some girls look through the magazine for pictures of Zac efron and Miley and Jonas brothers but thats it. It’s quite a shame really.


The dolls are getting a bit boring as well. I think stardoll should add more dolls. I know there is over 500 dolls on stardoll but really half of them are the same celebs TWICE!!! Has stardoll run out of ideas? Even though they have a suggestion box, do stardoll really pay atention to what members want? Yes all superstars pay and help keep stardoll going but is stardoll really honest with us?

Like every time I ask them a question the same answer appears! Does this mean stardoll is lazy or cant be bothered with helping there members. Loads of people go through the same stuff on stardoll but yet there is a completetly different story behind it. I really enjoy CLUB PENGUIN (I know this is out of the subject) because I asked them a few questions and problems and when they replied to me they actually sent me a kind nice response. Like when I came back from holiday and  forgot my username and I had to create a new one. I had to contact Club Penguin staff and they found me my old account, and I could tell that somebody typed it with their own time, unlike stardoll they just problably read the question then click on a response to send to the boy/girl.

It really annyoys me, we pay to keep stardoll up and going yet they cant be bothered writing to us back. Also I forgot to mention i send them 1 or 2 questions every month yet they answer my question with a totally out of the answer.

Check it out:

(click to enlarge)


As I have mentioned this before, I hate it when people post this on broadcast:

“Need old dkny, need old dkny”

Sometimes I want to shout at them


I think stardoll should release all of old hotbuys, rares, RC clothes so there is no such thing as scamming anymore as everyone would have got it. I know people will be saying

” I paid 3000$ for scuba and now there selling it again”

Well if I were stardoll I would be like

“It’s your own fault you paid so much for a virtaul dress”.


Stay tuned folks for another bit of Stardoll- My verdict part 2




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  1. Anonymous

    luv ya babe

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