Adults on Stardoll

I have no problems with adults on stardoll but it seems a few people do. I was on a club (not naming) and they had a massive disscusion about adults on stardoll. I’m not to sure where the club is now as I left the club a few weeks ago, but Ijust thought i’d add this in because I haven’t had a post about things in a while. Anways they had a massive grudge against them, and I don’t see why.

1. Sometimes adults are on stardoll to take care of their children

2. At least they are honest about their age and not lying saying that they are 14 year old’s when they are actually 45.

But people still don’t get it. Sometimes I just think they are jealous because if you look around stardoll some adults have lottery dresses, DKNY, MKA RC etc.

1. The people that hate them are jealous

2. Or either they have no respect for elders

What have they done to you to make you so hateful? They are just like everyone else on stardoll and you should learn some respect towards them.




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