Ugh, people!!!

Sorry but I really need to get this off my chest!

I was on stardoll this morning and well I was dressing up my medoll for the Look of 18th of october and then these people came up on the broadcast saying “NEED SKYSCRAPER, WILL PAY OVER $400”.

Obviously you can tell all these girls want it desperately so in the case of emergency all scammers will be alert. Ever thought about this, I don’t think anybody has!

1. You dont NEED it you WANT it

2. Everybody wants it soooo badly because all the elites have it and mabye you think well “I should too!”.

3. Do you think it’s cool paying over $100 for VIRTUAL CLOTHES?

Those are my points.

Anyway back to what I was talking about.

Scammers will see how much you want it and take advantage.

I saw in someone’s guestbook (my edited version):

*User 1 posts on broadcast” NEED SCUBA BADLY PAYS WHATEVER”

*Looks around stardoll and finds user2*

On guestbook

User 1: Hiya, i love your suite 5/5, i was jus wondering if your selling your (scuba DKNY)

User 2: Hi, aw thanks. Yeh im selling. Its getting on my nerves! lol

User 1: How much for it?

User 2: Lets say  . . . $400

User 1: Okey!!!! Should i add you then

User 2: yeh, i’ll except and we can chat

*user 2 accepts, now on chat*

User1: Okey, i used my calculator and thats . . . .

User2: yeh go on

user 1: 6x$60 and $40

user 2: mmmm . . . do you really want it

user 1: I dont want it I NEED IT

user 2: well I was just thinking mabye we could set the price higher say about $500


User 1 buys everything and its the last item

on chat*

user 1: Where’s Scuba????

user 2: It’s up on starbazar

user 1: NO IT ISN’T!!

user2: OMFG My friend just bought it

user 1: Who????????

user2: byeeee

user 1: Noooo YOU’RE A SCAMMER, give me my $500

*user 2 has signed out of stardoll*

user 1 Cries and blames herself for her loss

See what I mean?


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