Okay so I thought this was a joke but NO!

I was on tonight looking for pictures of stardoll on google when this pie chart came up on how many people go on stardoll. I was shocked! I know I was additected in the holidays but only because there was nothing to do but it just shows how much stardoll has control of teenagers of all genders and children and a few adults. I’m not on that often now since I’ve just started going back to school so I’ve sorta laid off but still, everyone visits DAILY!!! Isn’t there something better to do in life? Like spent time with your family or go out with your friends? I know a few people who’s only friends are on stardoll but surely there must be something else rather than virtual clothes? Oh well, Life goes on . .. .





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2 responses to “OMG SHOCKER!!!

  1. hot_hotti

    I can’t read what the percentages are, or what they mean. What do they say?

  2. lel1996

    click on the picture and it will enlarge for you