New Starpoints Stardoll Hair

Click to see the new hairstyles although I am not too sure when it’s coming out so keep your fingers crossed. Also people are saying they are only for 5500 starpoints and 6000 starpoints so it might take a while for everyone to have it.






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10 responses to “New Starpoints Stardoll Hair

  1. hey ya!! i love spanish: hola me facina la pagina de stardoll pero me dijeron que a los que heran superstars le daban un vestido gratis y no se donde cogerlo a lludenme plz!!

  2. lel1996

    sorry i dont speak spanish can you translate in anyway?

  3. liliank

    a me non è successo niente come è possibile?

  4. Lelly

    Ermm sorry, i only speak english
    Is it possible for you to translate?

  5. angela

    how to take the new hairstyles??

  6. Lelly

    Their for 6000 starpoints and more
    Might take a long time to get them but they do look pretty cool

  7. angel

    where would you find that hair???

  8. Lelly

    It’s starpoints hair

    You’ll need up to 5500 starpoints

  9. ybother45

    Hey, I logged in to stardoll today and saw on the front page some new hairstyles in that box that shows covergirl and stuff but they weren’t in my beauty parlor. What are they for? Do you know anything about these hairstyles? I’m ybother45 add moi 🙂