About Myself

Right i thought to start off my blog you should know about me first.

NO im not an elite and have millions of people sucking up to me

NO i am not a popular doll and have never been covergirl or a winner of any sort

NO I dont care if you hate my blog or not

YES I am a stardoll member just bored out of her guts

YES this is my blog and I can do whaterver i want with it

Username: Lel1996

Age: what do u think?!

Name: don’t really need to know that

Stardoll user since: 11th of november 2006

Starpoints: ever changing- right now im 12 points away from 1750 (not alot)

Clubs: none

Winner: mmmm . . . . DKNY bike contest, Miss DKNY (.DKNY.Scuba. club) and won best dressed on Hellokitty club.

Friends: Im just bored so . . . 168- wow thats not alot

Favourite brand: DKNY although someone hacked my account and they have all gone

Favourite bag: Patchwork- got stolen from my account

Favourite Dress: DKNY Scuba- got stolen from my account

Favourite piece of clothing of all time: DKNY ruffle skirt- got stolen from my account

Favourite Shoes: DKNY Black T-bars

Family on stardoll: None

Thats me!! Ask if you wanna know more which you wont but i’ll just add it anyway!!




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