Welcome To The Nostalgic Cringe-Fest

I’ve been inactive on all my accounts for roughly 3 years now and this figure will continue to grow. Once I made my gradual exit I shut down practically everything, including privatising this blog. If I can recall my laptop broke down all of a sudden and by the time I was reconnected to the internet I had missed out on so much and I didn’t really care. Funny thing is we recently had the laptop repaired and it’s as if nothing had changed. Old recordings (I used to make makeup tutorials on Youtube as well) and video projects on Sony Vegas were left untouched and screenshots meant for blog posts that were never written strewn around my desktop. It was an incredibly strange experience.

I occasionally login into Stardoll to see the current happenings. I am then reminded of this and log into WordPress. Then I read all my old posts on here. SO MUCH CRINGE. If you ever get the chance, find the first phone you were given, scroll through the photo gallery and scan at all your old selfies. Or your first few Facebook profile photos. That is how much cringe I feel when reading this blog.  Not to mention the thought of the actual Stardoll staff reading my highly nauseating posts makes me want to physically want to cower in a corner. You don’t realise when you’re thirteen that managing and maintaing the site is someone’s job, and how hilarious (and awful) it must feel to have hordes of young girls and boys to criticise your graphics, community management and so forth. My sincerest apologies.

So if you ever get a chance to read through all of my babble, please for my current dignity keep in mind that I no longer hold half of these views. I was an immature wee thing at the time with too much time on the internet at my fingertips.

I’m re-opening this blog because I know members from back when I was active are in the same position I am in and if you’re ever needing a blast from the past then a scour through my old posts may give you a brief insight into what Stardoll was back in the day.

As for me now, I am studying at university moving out of my parents house and shipped off to a bustling city in the process. It’s crazy to think how much has changed since now and from when I wrote on this blog. I kinda wish I was active during all these absent years, but then I think of all the embarrassing posts I would have made and thank the stars it never occurred.I am not active on any other websites or on any of my old accounts. If you do require to get in touch with me the best way is through a Stardoll message – though I log in at months at a time.

 It is uncertain how long I shall keep the blog open, because knowing me I’ll re-read some of the old posts here, endure another cycle of cringing and embarrassment then lock it all up again.

I just want to say thank you to the old readers, viewers and friends. Looking back on it now I didn’t realise the amount of support I had back in the day. The fact that people dedicated a little of their time to comment on and read/watch this place amazes the current me and I don’t think I said it enough in the past.


On a final note, despite the fact that more than half of this entry is just me cringing I would like to say that I seriously did enjoy myself on here and on Stardoll. I made friends from all over the globe and learnt skills that I would have be hidden away to otherwise (like writing and video editing). However, the drama and immaturity really took its toll. So my advice is don’t take it too seriously and enjoy the game while you’re young.



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Here we are again.

This is probably going to be a goodbye, although I wouldn’t like to think of it as such. I’m tired of getting my hopes up and also believing that I could have delve back into the cyber dolly world after all this time, but the truth is that I no longer have an interest here anymore. If I had a working laptop then things would definitely be different, but I don’t. I realised I should probably write this post now before I forget or even change my mind. For the past two/three weeks I have not been checking up on here or anything mildly Stardoll related – pardon YouTube and occasionally the Access app. I then came to the conclusion yesterday that I may as well just completely stop altogether.

I’ve had a lot of fun on Stardoll these past few years. I finally met members who I could classify as friends. I was allowed to post on the Starblog – which at the time sounded bloomin’ amazing but it ended up just being somewhat of a burden. I can call my two projects successful after running them for a lengthy amount of time. I have met a bunch of lovely people over the years from where I have learnt a massive amount of new information, various beliefs etc. It hasn’t actually been too bad.

I blindly believed that after my break away from Stardoll that I could half-return, however everything has changed. This includes all the new fancy updates, but also I’m not in contact with anyone and my attitude towards the site is no longer the same as it was before once my addiction had stopped. I don’t feel the need to change my doll’s outfit, update membership, go and frantically buy all LE in my way, try to converse with others and so forth. It’s just not the same. I’ve changed, people have changed and the site itself has changed.

Well not exactly everything, I suppose. After my break I was receiving messages and requests from people asking for my account. Some were polite or were extremely rude and sometimes there was an occasional idiotic excuse added with it. I honestly don’t care if I am “wasting” my account. It is my time, money and efforts that are being put to so-called waste. I don’t want to fuel somebody else’s addiction to this game by giving my account away. I completely forgot how superficial this site was and then I realised I couldn’t deal with this crap again. Also the fact that people had to comment on my lack of membership gave me a kick in the teeth. People are always going to judge you on how many starpoints you have, how many rares you own and if you’re royalty or not. We very rarely judge someone on their good character or nature – that probably comes somewhere down at the bottom of the list. I’m not going to lie, having attention and gaining followers was what I wanted to do achieve when I started this way back in 2008. I even idolised the “elites” way back in the day. We were constantly told inside magazines and gossip blogs that these members were better than the majority of us because they had achieved dolly fame and stardom that was oh so hard to attain. If you were unknown your opinion basically didn’t count. Once you have “it” it keeps on feeding your online addiction by sadly hoping to please everyone and complete everything absolutely perfectly – even if that comes down to your doll’s outfit or one eency blog post. I found myself becoming a Stardoll FAQ answering machine and not having any fun on the site on my own.

I said this before but I honestly did enjoy this site and working in general. Perhaps nearing the end the only thing that was motivating me to complete stuff was knowing that I was going to please everyone else. I want to sincerely thank you for reading this blog and sticking with me through thick and thin. It has been an incredible learning experience right from the video editors to handling criticism and all that jazz. I might just check in every now and again – or if I ever get a working computer who knows if I will come back for good. I won’t be checking my YouTube or this blog for a long period of time. I do not have any social media profiles (real life and Stardoll related) that I actively use after practically closing my Twitter so I guess this is the last time you’ll hear from me in quite some time. I do have tumblr and Twitter but I just do not put them to any use. As I said before I will from time to time pop back in and out but I guess this is it for the time being.

Thank you for all the wonderful times and goodbye. For now.


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Stardoll Access App

Image does not belong to me

First and foremost I am not currently an owner of an Iphone or an Android. It’s best to get that out of the way before I start writing this up, however I would say that the Iphone is the most easiest piece of tech to navigate.

I was very surprised to learn about this new app mainly because it is a gigantic leap from the Cut It seasonal games. I had an overall average experience with the app. Nothing to blow my mind, but it does what it says on the tin; access Stardoll without being tied to a computer. The members who reviewed the app didn’t think so. I was pleasantly surprised as more than a handful were those who wanted to alter their entire Medolls and visit their suite – and not to shock with 1/5 star ratings. It honestly didn’t give me an insight to the app itself, to be honest it just made me realise how much this place hasn’t changed. Stardoll provide with a good attempt at handing out something new and we’re still not happy and begging for far more than they could possibly ever achieve. Imagine trying to apply your doll’s make-up on the Iphone with your finger as the pointer. This does not create any amount of accuracy. You’ll be lucky if that eye-shadow doesn’t end up somewhere where it should be.

Moving on the app is pretty simple. You are able to Chat with friends, send and receive messages, find out about the latest Stardoll updates, access your friend requests and guestbook. I can understand why others were left disappointed, although Stardoll never said otherwise that you would be able to access other – more engaging – features. It’s definitely not an app where you’ll be engrossed and addicted to. I see it just being more of an extension of the site itself. We’re not glued to our computer screens 24/7 and probably when we are away we’re tap tapping away on our mobiles. Therefore what better way to keep you active on Stardoll than by bringing out an app.

I only experienced one slight technical issue, but other than that everything ran smoothly. Thankfully to your delight I’ll only have a whinge about two things.

1. Friend Requests – I don’t believe there is a way to expand the message, however I find it quite irritating where you are only able to view half a sentence of a request, eg “Hey! 5/5 lovely! I have a…..”. This is even less than what we can already view on the full site. After attempting to control my requests via the internet on my mobile I do however find that Stardoll’s app is far more pleasant to use mainly due to the speed at which you can accept/decline requests without having to cross out pop-ups and wait for the queue to form itself again. There is still a limit – possibly between 80 and 100 – on how many requests you can view.

2. Messaging – This is an update I would also like to see on the full site. It’s a pain in the backside when you’re replying – from a length conversation – and you suddenly forget what the person on the other end said, ending up exiting your message which is still in construction and losing everything altogether. It would be good to see (above or below) an empty message the other person’s reply so that you can type away quite happily without having to copy & paste or always having to lose your text. I mean clearly – not faded and hidden in the muted background.

I was expecting Chat to be extremely slow, but it was extremely efficient and pretty much easy to use. Such a simple app didn’t need a length review.

It’s free and if you want to keep active on the go I would suggest to give it a shot. It’s honestly not that bad, nor is it amazing. Good work from Stardoll!

Edit: You will also receive 10 Stardollars for downloading the app.

I would like to apologise to everyone. After being struck by fear that Stardoll would deactivate by account I checked my account and holey smokes was I surprised. I’ve been trying to catch up on my messages – some dating from April – that have yet to be answered! I’m working through 900 odd requests – right now somewhere in the 400 region. So to those who have sent a request; I will get to it soon. I’m kind of shocked at the amount of requests the account has accumulated and in addition the amount of members who have pin pointed to the loss of the diamond from my avatar haha.

After deciding to take a break from Stardoll I was frightened that friends would forget who I was next time we “met”, however I was delighted to see that folks remember me after not speaking for months on end.

If anyone is in need of a chat or just that bored send me a message 🙂 I’d love to catch up with everyone and I promise I don’t bite. Thinking about it I may re-open my guestbook soon..

Well that’s enough for now. I hope to speak to you’s soon.


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I Will See You Soon-ish.

Update: I understand this is the wrong medium to speak about all this, but I can hardly control my Youtube account as it is. Thanks to everyone for helping the channel reach over 2,000 subscribers! It really means an awful lot, especially since I’ve been inactive since the beginning of the year. Whenever I properly on the internet (and if it’s a school holiday) I promise I will make a new bunch of tutorials. For those leaving comments (on videos) I’m having a hard time trying to reply because Youtube Mobile on Blackberry is complete rubbish and I have to revert to the Desktop version – which is always a nuisance. Thanks for your time!

Greetings! It’s been an awful long time since I’ve logged into Stardoll and updated this place. I should have made this post a few weeks ago, but laziness always likes to kick in.

I have a habit of rambling – as if you’s haven’t noticed yet – so I’m going to chop this up into bite size pieces. Bon appétit!

1. My laptop’s broke. Hence why this is coming straight to you from my mobile. It’s dead after possibly overheating which was about 2/3 weeks ago. I tried making time to go to the repair store but it was closed today *sniff* *sniff*. A part of me understands it can’t be fixed so who knows when I’ll get a new one. My birthday is in four months.. A girl can dream.

To be honest I wouldn’t have ever thought I could “survive” without my laptop but I haven’t really noticed any difference. It’s harder to write up English essays and I have to deal with watching K-pop MV’s through my blurred mobile screen, but I’m not too fussed. Plus it’s a great break for my eyes.

2. My exams are over! I have to wait quite a while until I get my results from the exam board, however I know I’ve tried my best so there’s no point in worrying if I’ve failed or gotten an A, B, etc.

3. I’m bombarded with homework and essays now that I am officially in the senior ranks of school. Even if my laptop wasn’t dead I don’t think you’d be hearing from me. I feel sick thinking about what I’ll be doing this time next year such as completing university applications and all that jazz so I’m determined just to focus on the present rather than getting caught up in hoping to meet uni entry requirements and grades.

I’m pretty happy with my subject choices and the teachers I have so (thankfully)there’s no worries!

I’ve attempted to try and find out what’s been happening lately on Stardoll though I realised I forgot most – if not all – of the various Stardoll blogs url’s. Kinda scary, but I blame all my revision and short memory span. I saw on the Official Starblog the Starpoint system has been ditched or upgraded which seems quite exciting. I don’t have have flash player or java script (it’s either of them) on my phone so Stardoll’s basically like a big white screen, but if I do ever have the opportunity I will log in.

I would like to continue blogging, however because of the situation I’m currently within I can’t honestly do much since my tools are limited. Perhaps I might blog about real life issues or something like that. I haven’t spoken to people for a while and would like to catch up with everyone!

I said bite sized pieces and now I’m all out of ramble.

Anyhow I shall see you sometime soon..whenever that might be. I hope you’re all in good form and did well in your exams!


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Well . . . Hello!

I have been meaning to create this post for some time now, however my serious lack of motivation has cut me off from anything in relation to the term “Stardoll” – pardon my Youtube account. I think it has become very clear, just by reading my old posts, that I no longer feel very passionate about Stardoll or my projects. This is merely down to the fact that I have been finding Stardoll very repetitive. Perhaps it is because I have grown a lot older. I started interacting with the site when I was around ten/eleven and now I’m turning sixteen this coming Halloween. Of course it isn’t going to be the same site that I once loved, things are inevitably going to change over time.

I miss blogging and all that other jazz, but exam dates are looming over my head and they aren’t going to shove off any time soon. I dislike “leaving posts” and writing them up because once you return you end up irritating everyone and looking like a fool, so I’m just going to say this for the time being. I will not be posting or logging onto my Stardoll account until my exams are over – which is around early June time. Hopefully once I return Stardoll will have updated the site with a variation of fancy features (*cough* preferably a career in the make-up field would be nice *cough*) that will regain my dithering interests.

It is not only the fact that I grown up and lost touch with the site itself, but also the community. I think I stated before that age doesn’t matter between groups on Stardoll – or something along the same lines – but maturity gaps appear eventually. I don’t want to be at that stage where I’m continuously posting all ten languages I can speak fluently up in club discussions just to impress my fellow peers and just show how multi-lingual I truly am, neither do I want to type my name with my elbow for some cheap laughs. I don’t know. I hope people took that as a joke.

Blogging and Youtube-ing  (if that is ever a word) brings more depth into the dolly-world and sometimes I think I prefer those two than to actually playing on the Stardoll site itself. Thanks everyone for being patient and understanding. I hope you all do well in your exams! Mines aren’t even that significant this year, but I’m still trying to place a lot of effort into this just in case things don’t go to plan. Next year is my big worry. I don’t know what will happen to this blog after the summer because that will be the time where I am sitting my most crucial courses… and I get senior badge! Woop!

So it is  goodbye for now. I will be posting again sometime after the exams (or perhaps between them), but if you hadn’t already noticed the lack of activity then here you go. I haven’t logged onto my Stardoll account for a considerable amount of time. I hope the place isn’t in some chaotic mess.

*Forgot to mention – the channel reached 1 million overall views on Youtube. THAT’S INSANE! thankyouthankyouthankyou*


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A Few March Updates; April Hotbuys, Epiphany Eggs, Sunny Bunny. Next Tutorial?

There’s probably so much more than those listed above.

No calendar this month because I’m knackered and everyone else is doing it so there’s basically no point. 

April isn’t the strongest we’ve seen to be perfectly honest. The first item to catch my eyes were the Mid Boots – which seem appear to be very stubby in my opinion. Other than the Pleather Skirt, Jacket and Leggings everything else seems a little washed out and bland in comparison. I think it’s a big challenge to create an outfit with various Hotbuys items because they always scream,”Look at me! Look at me!” before anything else. After looking at April’s bunch and studying them for a little longer I kind of just went, “Meh.” It’s plainly obvious that Stardoll understands that members will lick up anything with a Hotbuys label on it (good or bad), so I am unsure whether or not to call this a half-assed effort or just a bad selection of items. I would really like to say something more positive about April, however what I truly want is those hairstyles.

Somehow these candy-coated diamond-encrusted eggs remind me those made by the Fabergé company. Why not, instead of spending your pennies buying a real yummy chocolate egg, you can instead purchase one at the expense of your dolly to add something sweet to your suite? It is a wonderful idea, however I don’t feel that there is any reason for me to go purchase one right now in Starplaza. I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with it! Spending 30 Stardollars on a perfectly printed egg seems a bit of waste to me if all it’s going to do is sit on a table or lie next to my old Pet-a-porter dog. A great update for those who really want to get into Easter festivities and dedicate an entire room to do so – but for I feel no need. A nice little update and a great use of the Epiphany name, however it’s just not for me and neither are the prices.

There’s nothing like a little Sunny Bunny to brighten your day.

It’s always an exciting moment when a new collection is on the horizon. It’s unconventional, tacky and a lot less sparkly than Epiphany however it still remains as one of my favourite stores. Stardoll have packed the new floors with interesting hair-pieces and *squeal* BOWS! The little creature jewellery pieces are nice too  . . Great for themed wacky outfits or an eight-year-old. I think my favourite items were the Floral Headpiece and Turquoise Diadem. Yes, they are a lot simpler than all the other items and aren’t the show-pieces of the new collection, but I love them all the same. I begin to wonder if Sunny Bunny and other jewellery stores will lose their appeal if StarDesign items are beginning to become more popular. Stardoll’s designs have more finesse to them, however with StarDesign the possibilities are, almost, endless.



It’s been a while since my Youtube page has actually seen some work. Thanks to the majority of folks who have been waiting patiently for a new tutorial – I’ve spoken to quite a few on Chat these past few weeks. I am off school for now, so fingers crossed this blog and the Youtube channel will see some form of activity before I get into my exam schedule.

It’s all recorded and I may add another face in the next hour or so. I have previously expressed that I would like to create a K-Pop inspired make-up tutorial. I know it’s the beginning of spring (for the northern-hemisphere) and the new Dot collection has been released, but when I have spoken to folks about the videos the same two topics come up.

1. Please use items currently within Starplaza

2. Please make it cheap to recreate – i.e Don’t use twenty different items again

Celebrity inspired tutorials are a little differ from the usual ones as although it’s all about the make-up, I would have to say that the face makes up 85% of it. Park Bom’s (from 2NE1) isn’t anything new, but I tried as best as I could to at least make the doll look somehow like her. The second look is inspired by the make-up from Miss A’s Touch MV – I loved it so much! A nice way to perk up a plain black look.

Hopefully something will appear on Youtube tonight.


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Starbazaar LE Re-sales Spring 2012

Items that have been bought from today’s LE collection can immediately sell them within their Starbazaars. Normally we have to wait until the following LE collection is released to sell our items, but perhaps this is an error on Stardoll’s behalf.

I was flicking through comments on USD and noticed that the collection has been released earlier then taken down again. It might have been because of this error that we are now allowed to sell LE.

This is good news as items that have already sold out can be bought without waiting for a long period of time. Although some members are pricing these items ridiculously high so they can gain a +100 Stardollar profit.

It kind of defeats all logic. Surely if a seller knows that another member can buy the same item within Starplaza for -200 SD of the price, they wouldn’t price it so high. At least wait until the item has sold out.

If you want to find yourself a bargain, visit the Starbazaar Search page and have a look around.

This glitch might be fixed within a couple of days.



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